Tarotscopes for the Culmination of the Eclipses

The New Year began with a set of intense Lunar events: an Eclipse of the Sun at the New Moon in Capricorn, and then a Lunar Eclipse in Leo, which was also a Blood Moon. Exiting this energy, we are now in a time of flow and expansion after we were asked to get cozy with ourselves and our shadow. This release of energy might feel like a more honest New Year than January 1st. The movement of the Sun from responsibility-oriented Capricorn to collectivity-focused Aquarius can feel like the energy that you were directing towards yourself and your own life is now facing outward, to the world. What is your Soul asking you to contribute to your community? Even inner work does not exist inside of a vacuum: you are always connected to everyone and everything around you. Work you do within yourself, for yourself will ultimately become a light for those around you. I want to pass on a piece of wisdom from Maria Nameth: think of someone you admire, someone famous or someone close to you. Think of three things that you admire about that person. The truth is that you are also these things, because you wouldn’t recognize them in another if they were not already present in you.

Just as the Moon is a reflection of the Sun’s light, so too are our inner worlds reflective of the collective. As we all have the Sun and Moon in our chart each of us is also both the source of light and the reflector of it. Moving into 2019 having reflected on our darkness (what we hide, where our shame lives, the programmed judgements we live by) we can begin this year with a clearer picture of who we are and a greater intimacy with ourselves.

If you know what sign your Moon is in, read that section as well.

Illustrations by Syd Danger

Illustrations by Syd Danger


The Hierophant

The last month or so has been full of lessons that feel too tough to handle. Your Spring Soul is about new beginnings, which is an asset when so many old ways of being seem to be dying off. Remember that difficulty can be an intermediary between you and the Divine. Someone is trying to get in touch with you about your path and you have to stop pretending you know better than the Universe or the Wise Folk in your life. To be taught is to be humble. When the world urges you to grow up, to know for certain, to have it all figured out, you need to have enough of that inner child showing to be a continual student of the cycles of life.  


Queen of Swords

Clarity is not always certainty, but it is a vantage point from which you can access the kind of judgement that results in a desired outcome. Sometimes intuition happens in the “gut” but it can also come slicing through the air and ask you to gather more information before making a choice. Intuition can direct you towards deliberate action. Intuition is your doubt, intuition is your uncertainty or nervousness or curiosity. Intuition seeks clarity rather than certainty, so even if you feel like you don’t have all of the answers, let intuition guide you to the paths that will bring you clarity: that lookout point of the Soul.


The Fool

The beginning of a new adventure can be exciting for some and nerve-wracking for others. We’re really taught that nervousness and anxiety should be suppressed, and while a degree of debilitating panic should be healed, jumping into the unknown isn’t really supposed to feel comfortable inside a body that’s wired for certainty and survival. Nerves can point to where the train car is wheeling off of the track, and indicated that energy is shifting. If your heart shakes as you look before you leap, leap anyway with all that fear inside of you. You don’t have to be brave before taking the risk, bravery is the result of that risk.


Seven of Swords

In the Lunar energy in which you feel so at home, these last few weeks might have felt like chaos in relationship with those who were not very comfortable in the light of the Moon. The social repercussions of putting yourself first are bullshit, and it would be best if you stepped away from guilt. Take the time to give yourself what you need, which sometimes means simply acknowledging and validating those needs. What your heart is calling for isn’t just frivolity, it’s part of who you are. When you accept your Self, remember that this includes accepting and honouring what that Self wants.


Nine of Wands

After such an intense Lunar event in your sign, your trust and sense of safety is shaken. Don’t allow your fears to fool you into thinking that others are out to get you, or that judgements directed at you or anyone else should be taken seriously. This is a time for seeing each person in your life, including yourself, will deep compassion. Each person has their own Shadow to work out, and what seems like a direct attack on you is almost always an unfortunate side effect of the fact that everyone lives inside of their own minds. Transcendence and enlightenment mean acknowledging that what unifies us is the incredible wholeness of the human experience, frustrating behaviour included.


Ten of Pentacles

In Letters to a Young Poet, Rilke writes “Believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an inheritance.” It’s true, Love is a neverending source of all energy in the Universe, the Universe does nothing but Love you, and all of the other bundles of energy that exist within it. That Love is your birthright and it is your divine inheritance as a child of the Universe. Get quiet with yourself and seek out all the ways Love is there for you, all the ways the Universe constantly, faultlessly, has your back. Don’t let your doubts and insecurities speak to you about scarcity: Love is always there, I can guarantee it.


Four of Pentacles

Boundaries should always be drawn based on love for the self rather than fear of others. Hold close to you only those things which nurture and soothe you, and try to let go of coping mechanisms that cause more damage in the long run. The thing about changing habits is that you have to give the old routines the slip: as quick as you can, without your mind noticing, do the thing that brings you joy. Those things that bring you the most fulfillment in this life exist beyond shame, because through them, you experience the beauty of being alive on the planet, here, now.


Page of Wands

What small flames can you see on the hills in the distance? What lights the path you are currently on? I don’t mean, what is that path that you are on, I mean, what lights it. Holding a lantern is different than moving by Sunlight or headlights. Maybe you’ve come to realize that as the path winds on, you require the use of different kinds of illumination. Stockpile those tools inside of yourself: a candle for moving through heavy, quiet dark, a searchlight for getting through a storm. Maybe a search party armed with flashlights will help you out of wherever you’ve gotten stuck.


Page of Pentacles

Jupiter’s newly moved back into its sign, your sign, and promises a kind of prosperity that may require some attention from you. Money is an exchange of energy, energy that meets needs and can make dreams come true. Jupiter wants to know how much you think you’re worth and its here to remind you that you’re worth it all. You have a kid to take care of, and that kid is you. Provide for yourself the way you would provide for someone who is in your care: your Soul is the charge the Universe bestowed on you at birth, and it’s your responsibility to respond to the desires of that Authentic Essence in this lifetime.



It’s funny when the skin stitches up, that the body knows how to grow back without being told. Each cell in your body talk to one another in a language as old, I’d guess, as life itself. Trust that life knows what it’s doing, because it’s been doing life a lot longer than you have. Remember, too, that each piece of you has been around before and seen what all the ages of the Earth can bring. Life isn’t such a mystery. In fact, all of you has gone through most things already, and if it’s still here, you can trust that it’ll continue. There are angels and spirits––and the Love of the Universe––working behind the scenes and your cells remember this, even when you do not.


Seven of Pentacles

What the Sun shines on, grows. What you shine the light of your Authentic Essence on, grows, too. When you choose to do something because your Soul desires it, you take hold of the power you were born with. I’m not talking about finding your passion, I’m taking about doing the work that lasts over lifetimes and may not be recognizable as important or productive by the people who live in this period of time. Tasks don’t need to be grand, they can be as small as saying “thank you” to the morning every time it arrives, because the miracle of wheeling on a giant rock orb through space at a safe distance from a star needs acknowledgement, and you might be just the right person for the job.


The Emperor

All of that weird shit you’ve always been into, we need that. Those shadowy dreams and insights about the in-between will deeply guide those around you. We have all been experiencing Neptune in the sign it rules, Pisces, since 2011, only now it’s speaking directly and frankly to two other major players, Jupiter and Saturn. Security is at odds with expansion, but in an unexpected way. As Albus Dumbledore once said, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” While your safe space might be the realm of fantasy, it’s wise to be strategic about putting action to what you imagine. The world as it is inside of your head could be the peaceful place of healing we all need, but it’s your job to take what’s inside of you and manifest it out here so we can all be free.