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Music Waste 25!

From June 6-9, 2019, Music Waste will take over the city’s DIY venues with a focus on local bands and artists.

For 25 years, Music Waste has carved out a space in Vancouver for music and art that rejects whatever soul-crushing tidal wave of capitalism is trying to wipe out the cultural underground at that moment. In 1994, it formed as a protest to the corporate-sponsored, pay-to-play festival New Music West. These days, the most obvious villain is the real estate market, which has made it almost impossible for the venues or jam spaces Music Waste relies on to exist. This year’s “80’s business” theme embraces an alternate reality in which we say “fuck it” and start worrying about the bottom line.

While all sorts of mega-festivals are burning out annually, Music Waste has stayed the course as a DIY, totally volunteer-run festival. Music Waste’s modest revenue goes directly to supporting the musicians, artists, comedians, and venues that comprise the festival.

The prices are meant to be as accessible as possible too – four-day passes are $20, and individual shows are $7 each.

The festival features over 70 bands including new, exciting acts such Akita, Megamall and Debt, as well as local favourites such as Apollo Ghosts, Woolworm, Necking, and Devours. There are also a ton of great art and comedy shows. 

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