SAD Spring: A Mixed Playlist

Hello, month of May! Hello, spring time! Took you long enough, eh? Never mind, happy to see your shine and feel your cool breeze, regardless of the late start.

In order to properly enjoy that which we have all lamented the loss of for so long (sunny days, clear skies, cherry blossoms, light jackets), we’ve crafted a new mix for you! Part pep talk against the rainy blues, part sassy declaration of love for all things spring, these tunes have been hand-picked and arranged (flower metaphor, anyone?) for maximum groove. Best listened to whilst sprawled out on a grassy lawn, a chilled beverage in hand, good friends close by. Or during a long walk in the early evening, the golden hour of sunlight complimented by a catchy tune or two. Or on your morning commute. Whichever makes you happiest.

Your pals at SAD


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