A Mixed Playlist Inspired By: Jaik Puppyteeth

Artwork:  Inside  by Jaik Puppyteeth (ink on paper)

Artwork: Inside by Jaik Puppyteeth (ink on paper)

While in the throws of the mid-summer blues (you know, those feelings of regret and sadness which emerge from the depths once you realize you'll never get the sweat stains out of your favourite T-shirt or the sight of creepy Wreck Beach guy's wrinkly butt out of your brain), I consoled myself with John Waters, sour gummy worms, and the last dregs of white wine from a box that's been sitting in my fridge since May—all at once, and in a flurry. I bemoaned the fleeting hours of summer just as Dawn Davenport grieved over her lack of cha-cha heels. Would I still have time to even out my tan lines? Would I find the right balance between a consistent social media presence and genuine experience? Only August, the crescendo of summer, would tell.

The art of Jaik Puppyteeth, SAD's August feature, was another remedy to my summertime sadness. His scathing commentary pairs well with Divine and my gummy worm toothache, I must say. Even if my tan lines stay just as vivid come September, at least I'll have his clever insight. So here, have a playlist inspired by Puppyteeth's quips and by my own hot gloom. It might just make you feel a warm fuzzy or two, in the midst of summer's final days.

Warm fuzzies, sickening nausea, whatever. Same difference, probably.

Your very own SAD sap


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