A Mixed Playlist Inspired By: Janice Wu

Artwork:  Assemblage , Janice Wu (pencil and gouache on paper)

Artwork: Assemblage, Janice Wu (pencil and gouache on paper)

For this month's mixed playlist, inspired by featured artist Janice Wu's piece Assemblage, we've put together a collection of tunes that at first might seem mis-matched. They may not look quite right sitting next to each other. But trust us—there's a lot of unity to be found, if you just give them the time. It's a short playlist (exactly 30 minutes!), perfect for filling the blank spaces between classes, transit connections, or while you're on break at work. The way we see it, every day is an assemblage of often incongruous moments, but there's unity if you choose to see it. How great is that?

Happy long weekend!

Your pals at SAD


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