A Mixed Playlist Inspired By: Anna Kasko

Artwork:  BBQ , Anna Kasko

Artwork: BBQ, Anna Kasko

The inspiration for this month's Featured Artist playlist is Anna Kasko's found-photography piece, titled BBQ. It's one of her experimentations with a massive collection of old slides, which she uses to create images that look like double exposures from another realm. (Think a scuba diver floating above the pinkish hues of sunset, or a stony-faced woman emerging from the cracks of a mountain range.) BBQ is perhaps the silliest of the series—is that man wearing only one flip-flop? Who's cooking on which barbecue? Where in the world is '14702 Park Drive'?

This image first appears pleasant and serene, a scene of contentedness and sizzling meat. But that warm sizzle makes a sharp turn into odd territory, we think. The overlaid photographs recall a suburban familiarity, but they also tease that comfort into absurdity. That's why this mix of songs can get a little weird, too. If we time travelled to 14702 Park Drive, would we find domestic bliss, or something a little strange? Listen, and find out.

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