A Mixed Playlist Inspired By: Max Ammo

Artwork:  Jardin (de los Sentidos)  by Max Ammo (digital drawing)

Artwork: Jardin (de los Sentidos) by Max Ammo (digital drawing)

Welcome, all things weird and wonderful! If you're in need of a healthy dose of strangeness, look no further; Max Ammo's delightfully absurd and vibrant work will surely entice you! Get ready to experience all kinds of magnificent creatures, silly expressions, and immersive colour. Max's piece, Jardin (de los Sentidos)—Garden (of Senses) for those who don't speak Spanish—supplied the inspiration for this month's Featured Artist playlist. We asked Max for some song ideas, and then added a few of our own into the mix, creating a collaborative selection of tunes ready for your eager ears. Go ahead, stare deeply into Max's work while you listen—it's hard not to.

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