A Mixed Playlist Inspired By: Shawn Hunt

Artwork:  Totem Talking/Bear Raven Mask Face , Shawn Hunt, 2017 (acrylic on canvas)

Artwork: Totem Talking/Bear Raven Mask Face, Shawn Hunt, 2017 (acrylic on canvas)

Thanks to May's Featured Artist—the multi-hyphenated Shawn Hunt—we're in a very explorative, easy-going mood. The kind of mood that's best sustained by a long walk in the sun or an afternoon spent listening to records. Or perhaps... this playlist? Shawn's piece Totem Talking/Bear Raven Mask Face provided the perfect jumping-off point for this collection of tunes. What we're going for: a shape-shifting mix of guitar riffs, smooth horns, jangling drums, and country melody. Happy listening!

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