A Mixed Playlist Inspired By: Holly Pilot

Artwork: Holly Pilot, 2017 (digital collage)

Artwork: Holly Pilot, 2017 (digital collage)

By now, you've hopefully been introduced to artist Holly Pilot's work and its many moods—sleepy, sneaky, absurd and jubilant, to name a few. Her collages incorporate the imagery of retro illustration (think early Disney), the peculiar shapes and scenes of a dream, and more than a hint of visual humour. It all adds up to a body of work that delights and mystifies in spades.

This month's Featured Artist playlist was inspired by one of Holly's extraordinary collages, and the mix of tunes is thoroughly weird. But if you stare into the (melancholy? tired? coy?) eyes of the yellow blob pictured in the chosen artwork, it might start to make sense.

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