A Mixed Playlist Inspired By: Julia Mior

Artwork: Julia Mior,  The Brussa , 2018 (hand tufted New Zealand wool)

Artwork: Julia Mior, The Brussa, 2018 (hand tufted New Zealand wool)

Julia Mior's textile creations are deceivingly complex. Sure, they appear to include only a few lines, some solid colour, and a simple figure. But what they really contain are multitudes of art history (the female nude throughout time immemorial), textural richness, (what's better than the feeling of a warm rug beneath your toes?), and hours of hard work. And still, they invite your eye with grace and ease.

This month's Featured Artist mix hopes to mimic that sophistication. Sultry funk becomes Afro-jazz becomes '90s sensitivity, until you're lulled into a smoother state of mind. You're welcome.

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