A Mixed Playlist Inspired By: Aaron Read

Artwork: Aaron Read,  Strong Back , 2018 (ink on paper)

Artwork: Aaron Read, Strong Back, 2018 (ink on paper)

Hey, folks. We're back with another Featured Artist playlist, and this one's unparalleled. Probably because it takes inspiration from the very idiosyncratic and delightful artwork of Aaron Read. The heart of this mix can be summed up in three words: kooky, quizzical, and curious. Do you know what all of these words have in common? Not only do they make use of alliteration quite nicely, they also derive from the thesaurus' list of words closely resembling 'funky.' Could this array of fantastic words be applied to Aaron Read's art, as well? I think yes. Kooky, but not so offbeat that it loses touch. Quizzical, in the best way. Curious, in that you can't help but want to know more. Funky, with a healthy dose of sentiment. What a musical spell, indeed.

In the words of the Space Lady: "Earth below us, drifting, falling. Floating weightless, calling, calling home."

Sarah B. (It's been your friendly neighbourhood web editor all along! Surprise!)