A Mixed Playlist Inspired By: Angus Ferguson

Artwork: Angus Ferguson,  Charon , 2018 (oil and acrylic on canvas)

Artwork: Angus Ferguson, Charon, 2018 (oil and acrylic on canvas)

October is, for better or for worse, a month of change. Sure, daylight savings ends in early November, but there’s no denying that the weight of transition sits heavy on October’s shoulders—leaves begin to fall in droves, the rain arrives with a vengeance, and memories of summer feel far more distant than they did just a few short weeks earlier.

With change often comes nostalgia—we all know the feeling well, I’m sure. Songs that you listened to this time last year become relevant again. That ex you thought you left behind in the distant past now suddenly seems like a viable option on chilly, dark nights. And perhaps a Halloween ghost or two settles in to the corner of your shared heritage home. Whatever form the nostalgia takes, sometimes it’s best to give in to its wistfulness. Featured Artist Angus Ferguson mentioned feeling a certain nostalgia these days, and I’d say that’s permission enough for you to do the same.

Sarah B.