A Mixed Playlist Inspired By: Dane Murner

Artwork: Dane Murner,  Porch Daisy  (from the series  Nightcrawl ) ,  2018 (digital long exposure)

Artwork: Dane Murner, Porch Daisy (from the series Nightcrawl), 2018 (digital long exposure)

The days are getting longer, as we all know. Just last night, as I was leaving a friend’s house after an evening of cider-sipping, I was amazed at how light the sky was. I said to my pal, doesn’t it just make you want to go for a long walk? The city is ripe for exploring at this time of year; one could wander through a neighbourhood and find mysterious, delightful, and sentimental things along every block, all illuminated by the glow of summer’s late sky, or by the warmth of a streetlight.

This late-night charm is exactly what photographer Dane Murner captures so well. The images in his Nightcrawl series give credit to the strangeness and calm of nighttime, showing in greater detail what daytime takes for granted. A lone plant growing in the shadows of an alleyway now appears sneakily around the corner, perhaps previously unnoticed; a row of abandoned washing machines enjoy their rest after a long day of rumbling and spinning; and the scuffed-up porch of house number ‘666’ might attract little attention during the day, but in Murner’s photograph it becomes a tiny, idiosyncratic world. If you were to venture out on your own evening walk, this playlist could be your exploratory soundtrack.

Sarah B.