A Mixed Playlist Inspired By: Sandeep Johal

Artwork:  Twins on a Lion  by Sandeep Johal (ink on paper)

Artwork: Twins on a Lion by Sandeep Johal (ink on paper)

September is a month of regeneration, in our opinion. Sure, it might mean back to school for some, which seems like a drag. But really, what's more regenerating than learning new things? Meeting new people? Not much, we'll say.

With this theme of regeneration in mind, we bring you our mixed playlist inspired by SAD's latest featured artist, Sandeep Johal, and her piece Twins on a Lion. There's a bit of seriousness to these tunes, we'll admit, but mostly there's a feeling of stubborn hopefulness and comradery. We hope you find the time amidst this busy month to listen, maybe groove, maybe feel inspired, but definitely appreciate September's fresh start.

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