In the Hot Seat with May Featured Artist: Shawn Hunt

Here's a sneak peek at our May Featured Artist, Shawn Hunt! Shawn is a Vancouver-born artist of Heiltsuk, French, and Scottish ancestry. Over the course of May we'll see more of Shawn's work—in the meantime, enjoy this icebreaker interview!


Current TV Show?

My current tv show is Westworld. I’ve watched Season 1 and found it fascinating. I really hope Season 2 continues to be as smart and entertaining. 

Weirdest food you ever ate?

When I was in Thailand I tried scorpion. It tasted like burnt bacon. Not too bad.

Can you roll your own cigarettes?

Not tobacco cigarettes... but yes, I roll well. 

Morning person or night owl?

I used to be a night owl. My hours were 11:00AM until 2AM. Not anymore. Since my son was born 8 months ago I’m now a morning person. I’m up at 6:30AM or 7AM and I’m in bed by 11PM.

Digital or by hand?

By hand. My wife bought me an iPad Pro and pencil for my birthday. I tried drawing on it for quite a while. In the end I went back to paper. I enjoyed the feel of paper, plus the light from the screen drained my energy and gave me a headache after a while.