Dalilah: Bye Forever, W Love

I could tell you that Dalilah’s music is R&B-focused, and I could tell you that she went to school for digital music production, but the experience of listening to Bye Forever, W Love cannot be shaped by any of those factors. On Bye Forever , W Love, Dalilah distills the feelings of love and loss into three powerful songs.

Dalilah has released a number of singles on Soundcloud, but Bye Forever , W Love is this singer and producer’s debut EP, capturing what she went through and the feelings that “needed to get out” after the passing of her father last year.

Her experience of loss running through the EP brings up one of the most crucial aspects of her music - to be able to write and sing to release emotions. On top of that, Bye Forever , W Love weaves together Dalilah’s heart-rending voice, ear for production, and deep awareness of what she wants her sound to be, without too much concern for critical reception.

When it comes to her relationship with music and where she draws from for influence, Dalilah speaks lovingly of her muses (Tirzah, Sampha, Kllo, to name a few), explaining exactly what she loves about each and how they might come across in her own music–she likes R&B that’s coming out of the UK, and Kllo’s production style.

Dalilah’s relationship with music is further deepened by Mcevoy, her boyfriend and collaborator. Mcevoy helped produce the EP, and it is their relationship, shared love of music, and mutual understanding about what sounds they like that gives the EP its in

Bye Forever, W Love presents us with a taste of Dalilah’s promise, talent, and her love in different forms. Listen now.