Why does this magazine cost so much?

We’re glad you asked! SAD Mag is a very small operation: all the money we make is put right back into production for the next issue, contributor payments, shipping costs, and producing cultural events including art shows (all editorial staff and board members are volunteers).

So where exactly does the money go? Well, we make a big, beautiful, colourful magazine, and printing costs between $5 and $7 per issue. And each issue is filled with film photography, so add to that the costs of buying and developing film. Since 2015 we’ve been paying honorariums to contributors, even though it is tough on our tiny budget, because we think it is important to recognize their hard work and amazing efforts. Finally, we have operational costs, like shipping magazines to distributors and local retailers, correcting proofs, and buying office supplies. Oh, and a very small amount of the cost (less than per cent) goes to Hawkins Cheezies, which is our editorial snack of choice.

We understand that $15 is a significant price tag for many people. We hope you know that when you buy an issue or a subscription, you’re supporting the work of local artists and writers, and helping to build and sustain Vancouver’s creative community.


Why do I have to pay for shipping on top of that?

The cost is based on shipping supplies and postage. Because the magazine is large format (9.5” x 13”) and made of a heavy, high-quality paper stock, it’s more expensive to mail than a regular letter. It’s cheaper for us (and you!) to buy a subscription, so that we can mail your issues in a big batch. But we’re happy to make a special trip to the post office for you!


But I don’t want to pay for shipping.

If you live in Vancouver, you can get your hands on an issue (and save the shipping) by attending one of our events, such as a launch party or an art show. Sign up for our mailing list and you’ll be the first to know when they’re happening. We always have our latest issue and a few recent back issues, too.

Our wonderful stockists also always have the most recent issue—check out the list to find one near you.


How does SAD Mag make money?

We support our operations through a combination of efforts (and a whole lot of elbow grease), including:

Grants. We are fortunate to have received support from the City of Vancouver and the BC Arts Council for our publishing activities and cultural events.

Ads. We feature advertising from select businesses, organizations, and individuals who fit with our values and brand. If you’d like to talk to us about advertising, get in touch!

Fundraising. We throw parties now and then. We try to keep them free or cheap, so that anyone can enjoy them. But if you come to an event and buy a beer or an issue, you’re helping to fund the magazine!

Sales. When you buy an individual issue or a subscription, you’re funding the magazine. Thank you!

Donations. Occasionally, a kind soul will donate to SAD Mag. We are so grateful for their support—even a small amount helps keep this ship afloat.