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TEDx Vancouver launches this Saturday!

TEDx Vancouver is here this Saturday October 18th for your mind-expanding pleasure. This year's event is stacked with 12 speakers, 13 performance groups, and a bug bar to boot.


Review / My Rabbi

My Rabbi begins with its two main characters, the young rabbi Jacob (Joel Bernbaum) and the recently turned devout Muslim Arya (Kayvon Kelly), each praying on their own. The solemn dignity of the prayers filled the Firehall Arts Centre with a sense of awe, but as the two men moved closer together, the chants blended into a single, mildly painful cacophony.


Local Musics / Fall Mixtape

If Fall were a (composite) colour it would be brown. Mixed with yellow, red and black it is the palette of fading sun, ending of summer love and beginning of darkness. Have a listen to the SadMag Local Music playlist while you rake those backyard leaves, climb your last Quarry Rock and thrift for your favourite Fall sweater.


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We're known for our legendary parties in Vancouver! Find out the when, what and where of our next event.

Vancouver Notables

Vancouver Notables

Our ongo­ing inter­view series! Tell us who you are, what you’re doing that’s of note and why, oh why, are you rock­ing that boat?

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