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Junk! boasted a creative concept, but failed to deliver.

Fringe Review / Junk! The Musical

“One man's junk is another man's gold,” sing Andrew Cohen and Alex Nicoll, both vocalists in Paul Snider's, Junk!, showing at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. Performed exclusively using instruments made of discarded objects, this 60 min musical tells the story of Melissa, a young girl who stumbles upon a junkyard and its ten oddball inhabitants.

Finger guns are a key aspect of Kim's creative process.

Vancouver Notables / Kim Piper Werker

So you want to live a more passion-filled, purposeful and creative life . . . riiiight after you watch that Seinfeld re-run, organize your Tupperware drawer, talk to your cat Professor Snuggles, and water your cactus plant. Sound familiar? The anxiety over starting a creative project and making it perfect can be so overwhelming. Kim Werker helps.

What is Love

Angela Fama hits the road, for love.

In May and June 2015, Sad Mag photo darling Angela Fama will travel across North America with assistant Joel Tong in a pop-up photo studio capturing subject's responses to "What is Love?"


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We're known for our legendary parties in Vancouver! Find out the when, what and where of our next event.

Vancouver Notables

Vancouver Notables

Our ongo­ing inter­view series! Tell us who you are, what you’re doing that’s of note and why, oh why, are you rock­ing that boat?

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