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Photo courtesy of Sagmeister Walsh

Review // Stefan Sagmeister: The Happy Show

On Thursday, June 18, the front page of the Vancouver Sun illustrated the results of a recent Angus Reid poll of Vancouverites with four bright yellow emojis. One with the beaming smile represented “happy”; another, less enthused smiley stood for “comfortable,” another for “uncomfortable,” and finally, one for “miserable.” The poll focused on how Vancouver residents felt about their current housing and transportation situations. Someone with my demographics (a renter aged 18-34 with a university education) was apparently inclined to be thoroughly miserable. The “happy” category described my parents: retired with no daily commute and living in a mortgage free home purchased before 2000. Would I only achieve happiness in some kind of Freaky Friday scenario where I assumed the lives of the people who raised me?

Cynara Geissler, photo by Sarah Race


In this Cat Issue Sneak Peek, we interview Vancouver favourite and cat-apparel expert Cynara Geissler about laser cats and the shifting culture attached to our now semiotically slippery feline friends.


Portraits of Brief Encounters // Good Luck Summer

A dog sneezed and I heard its tongue slap off of its lips and snout as it walked by. The sun rested heavy on my body like the extra blanket my grandma would always insist I use over an already sweltering down comforter, “just in case it got chilly.”


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