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Review / Proud

The last time I checked Stephen Harper didn’t drink scotch. But then again, he also hasn’t been found cavorting with young, salacious, female MPs, and he most definitely did not win that many seats in Quebec during the previous Federal election.

Mellissa Ferriera at her shop, Adhesif Clothing / Photo Credit Rebecca Blisset

Nifty for Fifty Fashion Fiesta

As spring had sprung, so did Vancouver’s annual Nifty for Fifty, a seven year run, trunk style shopping sensation showcasing local designers’ original pieces at discounted prices. The event was held at Heritage Hall and was buzzing with fashionistas and bargain hunters.


'Mo Wave Interview / Boy Funk

Sad Mag sits down with the ever-so-pretty Boy Funk before their opening performance for Zebra Katz. Remember that time you smoked heaps of weed in your early twenties and made some mind-blowing music videos with elaborate costume changes and slow-mo dancing in front of flocks of birds? So do we.


Sad Love

Sad Love

The per­ils and mis­ad­ven­tures of online dat­ing in No Fun City, with bonus date-stalking tips from a tech-savvy sin­gle lady.

Vancouver Notables

Vancouver Notables

Our ongo­ing inter­view series! Tell us who you are, what you’re doing that’s of note and why, oh why, are you rock­ing that boat?

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