Recap: IDS West

IDS West is the Pacific platform for all things design. From the IDS West website:

"During this annual event, occurring in September, Vancouver welcomes individual designers, artists, makers and design-centric brands to showcase their current works, concepts and products. In addition to experiencing installations and features, there were opportunities to hear from some of the design world’s most notable and talented personalities and to connect with a long list of world-class designers that either call Vancouver home, or call on Vancouver for inspiration.

"The Pacific Northwest has experienced a major designboom that has been especially embraced in Vancouver, where the design community has become vast and mighty. Now in its eleventh year, IDS West has had the utmost privilege of seeing it grow, supporting its members and championing it the world over. Below is a recap of some event highlights."


Hinterland Design's booth stood out for it's nature-inspired style, dramatic lighting, and bright wall colour.

A crowd favourite, the Tidal Flux ottoman by Hinterland Design is a whimsical interpretation of crab traps.

The L.A. Exchange booth, curated by Design Milk, brought some to star designers from Southern California to Vancouver.

The colourful geometric offerings from Bendgoods at the L.A. Exchange booth.

The show was replete with high end style and luxurious materials. A great place for guests to find inspiration for their own homes.

Open Studio invited a selected group of designers to participate in a curated installation that entertains the theme of Workspace, providing each participant with 10' x 10’ of raw space as a blank canvas. Below is a selection of the beautiful work that were on display. Alda Pereira Designs' workspace is reminiscent of the International style movement, playing with clean lines, simple shapes and primary colours.

This statue was damaged during the IDSWest opening party. Poor guy.

Interior designer, Gaile Guevara, brings together a collective of makers and artisans to represent her workspace as a culmination of the community and relationships that are integral to her work.

A chic yet relaxed workspace by Gillian Segal Design.

Marie Joy Designs created a workspace inspired by Our Little Flower Company.

Jonathan Adler draws a full crowd for his talk on design, branding, his philosophy of "irreverant luxury" and his progression in the industry from a pottery teacher in New York to becoming the founder of one of the world's most sought-after lifestyle brands.

Canadian and international designers present one-off and custom lighting, glass, ceramics, textiles and surface design in a gallery-like setting in the Studio North presentation area.

The Portland Design Exchange featured designers and makers from it's region.

Port + Quarter set up a cozy firepit for anyone looking to sit down and relax. Sadly, marshmallows not included.

Barter Co.'s line-up combines practicality with modern forms and fine natural textures.

A stately Dinner x Design set by 212 Design Inc. is inspired by the book 50 shades of Grey and features a show-stopping pendant light fixture.

This Dinner x Design set by Live Edge Design recalls our inner child with a beautiful tablescape under the treehouse.

Medina Design House was inspired by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi for a "night of enchanted opulence". Guests were mesmerized by the built-in pond and water fountain in the middle of the table.

Find more of Robert's work here, and check out the IDS West website here.