Wade Davis: Photographs

Wade Davis is a British Columbian-born Jack of All Trades with a lifelong dedication to learning about and preserving the diversity of cultures all over the world. Beginning as a river guide, forestry engineer, and ethnographer, Davis has worked closely with Indigenous groups across Canada, documenting with the intention of preserving, and preserving with the intention of handing down. Davis has been taking photos and making films for over forty-years, in between obtaining various impressive degrees from Harvard, and has recently released his twentieth book—a chillingly crisp and beautiful collection of 150 of his favourite images captured in over the last four decades. 

Wade Davis: Photographs collects images from 19 regions worldwide, including Canada's Inuit population in the Arctic, and cultivates a common theme—one that highlights humanity's differences, and all of the similarities that come with them. Davis captures communities built on tumultuous economic and environmental conditions that require extreme adaptation, but still allow for a flourishing and persisting cultural heritage—and reminds us of the importance of preserving these practices. Find select images from Wade Davis: Photographs below.



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