Meet Your Maker: Ann Glauser of Blue Trimble

“Now more than ever Vancouverites are conscious of where the products they buy come from,” says local creator Jenna Hurbert, “ to meet the maker and hear their story.” Eight years ago, she and her brother Chandler started Make It—a non-traditional craft market devoted to fostering creativity, connection, and conscious shopping in the city. Since then, Make It has grown exponentially, attracting more than 250 “makers” and 10,000 shoppers every year.

SAD Mag is excited to be joining Make It in their upcoming spring fair on April 22 to 24 at the PNE Forum. To celebrate some of the other amazing talent who'll be exhibiting there, we chatted with three local creators about what it means to be a "maker" in Vancouver. First up is Ann Glauser, the one-woman force behind handmade jewelry line Blue Trimble.

Ann Glauser of Blue Trimble

Ann Glauser of Blue Trimble

SAD Mag: Tell me about Blue Trimble. What are you all about?

Ann Glauser: Blue Trimble is all about two things really: easy, accessible jewelry and healing crystals.

SM: How did you get started?  

AG: Very organically. I always had a place for crystals and I have been making my own jewelry and repurposing vintage pieces for years. And of course, once people started asking me about what I was wearing, they wanted me to make something for them. I really never thought I would end up selling my pieces. I always just imaged friends would enjoy it and that was that. It wasn’t until I left my job and was searching for something new to transition to that I became more involved with my jewelry and decided to put some more time into it...That was in the spring of 2014.

SM: Why do you create? Why is making jewelry important for you?

AG: It’s so important. And really, working with crystals is so rewarding, I gain so much. I have to create. I’ve always been like that. I love bringing something new to light. I love playing with proportion and lengths and allowing the crystal to hang the way it wants.

Designs by Blue Trimble

Designs by Blue Trimble

SM: There are a lot of theories about the special powers of crystals. What do you think?

Yes, [laughs] there are. I think, like with anything, if you are drawn to something and are interested in learning about it, do so. Some information will resonate with you and some may not and that’s cool. I think the biggest thing is just to be open. Crystals have a way of coming into your life at the right time. If you’re cool with it, take it one step further and ask why. So many people have stones in their surroundings that they have never cleansed, charged or used for deeper meaning, which could be wasting some serious crystal power.

SM: What's the most interesting reaction you've ever had from a customer?

AG: Hmmm….interesting reaction?…I don’t know if any one thing jumps out but I do love it when someone comes back to my table knowing that a crystal has winked at them. They couldn’t stop thinking about it so they came back for it. I love when the right crystal piece finds the right person.

SM: Who or what is your creative inspiration?

AG: Everything! I love all things sun and surf and draw much of my inspiration from the sea and our beautiful surroundings here in BC. But I have to say when it comes specifically to my jewelry, it really is the crystals that help me to create each piece. I often source my stones by hand, picking each one up and holding it for a while. You never know what you’ll find or what idea you’ll have for a new stone.


SM: Fill in the blank: I couldn't go a day without _________.

AG: These days, grapefruit. I’m 6 month pregnant and am having some serious citrus cravings.

SM: What's the best advice you've ever received?

AG: Don’t grow too fast (for business advice).

SM: What are you looking forward to about most at Make It?

AG: The crowds. I am hoping to meet new market-goers and hopefully some crystal lovers. So come and say ‘Hello’. Oh, and I will for sure be checking out the other vendors to snatch up a few new baby items.


The next Make It Vancouver takes place from April 22 to 24 at the PNE Forum. Be sure to drop by SAD Mag’s table to say hello, grab a couple mags, and pick up some special SAD swag. Find out more about Blue Trimble there, or at For tickets and information, check out