Disposable Camera Series III: Europe by Ora Cogan

Way back when, for our Mad Mad World issue (no. 12), we sent some disposable cameras with a few friends and local musicians while they traveled the world. You may have spotted a few snaps in the Movement issue, and starting now you'll be able to find the rest here, in the Disposable Camera Series.

You are also formally invited to the Disposable Camera Project exhibition, opening July 9th at 6:00PM at 552 Clark St in Vancouver. Find more details and RSVP here. We're featuring ten amazing local photographers that wandered about their neighbourhoods, snapping photos of the people, places, and things that they love most.

We're also incorporating a little game—accumulate points for correctly identifying the place each photo was taken, and the five people with the highest points will win a disposable camera and a spot in our next exhibition!

Today we feature a lovely and talented musician who traveled Europe and snapped the loveliest photos for us. She'll also have work in the exhibition!

Europe, as traversed by Ora Cogan.

Be sure to swing by the Disposable Camera Project exhibition on the 9th for more 35mm goodness!