Ho Tam's Curious Cabinets at Cartems

Donuts and art is a symbiotic relationship we can all indulge in. On view at Cartems' West Pender location is an exhibition by Canadian artist Ho Tam. A selection committee comprised of CAG Young Patrons, a group of young professionals interested in being involved in the local arts scene in Vancouver, partnered with Cartems to select and display the work of a Vancouver based artist who could speak to their lived experiences within the city. 

Tam’s work explores the meaning and construction of the universal experience within a society that has become increasingly diverse and intricate. His most recent projects HOTAM and POSER focus on the individual. With humour and straightforwardness, the resulting images explore the individual, the group, and how one poses for the camera whether it is figuratively or objectively.

Part of his project HOTAM, the images on display at Cartems operate within his series Curious Cabinets. This project is an exploration of the boundaries between curiosity and courtesy. Tam spent over two years secretly documenting his friends’ bathroom cabinets, giving insight into their direct lived experiences.

The CAG Young Patrons identified with the images that Tam produced in his series and are eager to share it with the public. The exhibition is currently on view, and Cartems and the CAG Young Patrons will be hosting a reception on June 22nd, from 6-8pm at the West Pender location, to celebrate Tam’s work.        

Ho Tam was born in Hong Kong before moving to Canada and has worked with advertising companies and community psychiatric facilities before turning to art. He practices in multiple disciplines including photography, video, painting, and print media. Tam is an alumnus of Whitney Museum Independent Studies Program and Bard College.

The CAG Young Patrons selection committee was comprised of:

  • Michelle Cyca, co-publisher of SAD Mag, an arts & culture publication celebrating the diverse and emerging creative communities in Vancouver, BC (of course!)
  • Amanda Burrows, the Principal at Philanthropy Aide and a Fundraising Trainer for Social Venture Partners with over 10 years of experience raising funds for non-profits.
  • Livona Ellis, a full time member of Ballet BC since 2010.
  • Shaun Dacey, the Director of the Richmond Art Gallery with previous experience at the Contemporary Art Gallery and Access Gallery.

More info about the Cartems closing reception can be found here. Hope to see you there!