Tarotscopes for the New Moon in LIBRA

The New Moon in Libra rose on Monday October 8th, and this astrologer was busy eating turkey. If you look up, the Moon is a satisfying white slice, waxing towards a Full Moon in Taurus later this month. Libra season is about thinking through both sides of the argument, weighing your options, and trusting your own judgement. When the New Moon passes through the sign, those principals apply to your inner world, your ability to care for others, and your willingness to share your emotions.

Additionally, Venus went retrograde on October 5th, and will be wandering in reverse through the sky until November 16th. Retrogrades happen when the Earth, orbiting around the Sun, catches up to the planet being observed. From our perspective on the Earth, it appears that the planet is moving against it’s usual East to West trajectory and moves West to East. It’s like passing a truck on the highway: though you’re both moving forward, when you pass the truck, it looks like it’s moving backwards. This is a very potent retrograde for thinking about how passions can cloud or augment connection, if your relationships are reaching your deepest levels, and whether or not your emotional world is supported by your material world. Be sure to read both your Sun and Rising signs below, and for extra emotional support, turn to your Moon and Venus placements. 

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Illustrations by Syd Danger

Illustrations by Syd Danger


The High Priestess

The New Moon is the gateway to the unknown and this card is asking you to pass through that gate, or at the very least, locate it inside of yourself. It may not be your natural impulse to visit your shadow––your deep shame, your rejected aspects of self––where it lives inside of you. It may not be your natural instinct to search for your intentions, to meet yourself at the depths of your heart. But this card is asking you to take the journey, to move towards your own Underworld and to trust that you need to confront what lives there, and that you will be better for it. When was the last time you did something by candlelight? The last time you let yourself be in darkness? Turn off as many lights as possible, go to the darkest room inside of your heart, and accept what you find there. 


Nine of Pentacles

This is harvest season, the summer’s tilted it’s face into the soil and the abundance you let go to seed earlier in the year is ripening. After tumult, it’s hard to accept peace, it’s hard to accept that you are at home inside of yourself, to stay still when you are so used to running. The grapes hanging on the vines in this card signal joy that will be cultivated and shared with others, and it might help to remember that when you feel both stable and free, your loved ones will, too. Don’t diminish how difficult the last few months, the last year has been: growth is hard and there are droughts and blights to contend with. Honouring how much sweat has gone into the land of your own soul is the only way to feel at one with yourself. You have always been the keeper of your own golden heart, embrace it. 


King of Pentacles

You might be fighting with a heavy energy, the kind that is trying to direct you to something, and even if it might be good for you, it’s hard to take that advice. You may be inclined to rebel against your own intuition just to prove a point, just to see what happens, or to disregard friends and loved ones trying to direct you away from a canyon you’re liable to try to leap over. For once in your life, you have to try to take it slow, to take considered steps, to really take everything into account before making a move. If it helps, you can make it a game for yourself: see how long you can hold out, how many details you can suss out, how many options you can weigh. This isn’t going to be comfortable, but it’s worth the experiment, just to see who you might be on the other side of behaving in your own best interest.


Ten of Wands

Performing labour for others can bring joy and intimacy, and it’s necessary in any relationship. But to be able to reach out, you need to take responsibility for your own shit. Be weary of projecting your own fears and insecurities on others during this New Moon, where you are acutely aware of your shadow. When you look inside, you’ll see the piles of baggage that feel insurmountable, and you might feel the need to bring that baggage into all of your interactions in the name of being open and honest. But there are boxes that are yours to unpack alone, and you can’t expect others to deal with parts of you that you are too scared to touch alone. This is about boundaries: your darknesses are just as sacred as your lightness and they deserve to be treated with high regard, with your own tender hands.


Knight of Wands 

The journey that you are on now has been a long time coming, and it could use a boost of optimism or reckless abandon. Plans you made earlier in the year are reaching their adolescence, which means they may feel awkward, lanky, uncertain, wild. Let that tilting feeling give momentum to goals and hopes. Make sure you savour this liminal time, between being where you were and reaching where you will be. Allow yourself to wear bright colours, to explode with laughter, to feel every drop of this period of time on your skin. Sometimes the autumn can feel undecided, not summer, not winter. Don’t long for a culmination or a climax: feel every crunching leaf under your feet and really look at the way the golden evening light is slanting through your window these days.


Nine of Cups

Abundance is funny these days: when it blows through your door, takes up residence in your living room, it’s an eager guest with too much baggage. We mistrust good fortune, we ask if we deserve it, how long it will be until it leaves us, we feel guilty for housing it and feeding it, we feel like other people are watching us enjoy it through the dining room window. All of these feelings come from our culture of scarcity. It’s not selfish to desire and acquire abundance––in money, love, friendship, or self-worth––this implies that when we take abundance for ourselves, there is less for others. The opposite is true. There is enough of life for everyone. The cell divides infinitely, doubling and quadrupling. We couldn’t stop abundance even if we tried. 


Knight of Cups

Your ruler, Venus, has gone retrograde through a water sign, and it’s no surprise that emotions are running high these days. Sometimes feelings aren’t your preferred mode of experience, you would rather think your way through it all. This card is asking you to cut through illusions and acknowledge either your true feelings about a situation, or the truth about a situation that is disturbing your emotions. Offering your feelings to others will always feel like a risk to you, and you will do well to honour that vulnerability by choosing your listening ears wisely. While you’d love to spill your guts to whoever will listen, keep in mind that there is power in allowing yourself to sit with your feelings, you don’t have to rush to get over anything. 


The Emperor

Your realm is the deep, and sometimes the activity at the surface only reaches you in small ripples. it’s wise to not take these small disturbances too seriously most of the time, but not now. You are needed topside and those around you are seeking you out to be a mediator, for advice, to solve problems. Your ability to discern and lead is tested. It’s okay if your up for the challenge and it’s okay if you aren’t, personal boundaries are just as important. The Emperor is strategic about his energy, and about directing the energies of others; his motivation is finding what benefits the common good. This might be an important time to stand up for others or for yourself, to volunteer, to advocate, to fight. 


Nine of Swords

Life is a soup, and in that soup there are sidewalks and lovers and dogs, trees, bitten nails, cigarettes, and clogged drains. The soup is rich and dense and hot. Suffering happens in the life soup, but you can’t climb out of the life soup, you have to sit in it. Pain is just as sublime and valuable as pleasure, and the time is right to honour that, to explore ways you can get to know pain, to sit with pain, to accept it. Where are you inducing unnecessary suffering through worry? Whose pain are you augmenting by fussing about outcomes? If the figure in this card uncovered their eyes, they would see that they have access to the universe (the zodiac in the quilt) to all the love and tenderness that life offers (the roses). You may be down, but you are never, ever out. 


The Chariot 

Forward motion happens with intention. Feeling stuck in a rut can be remedied by getting clear on why, rather then where. Question your goals and dreams, will they bring you closer to your authentic self? To feeling fulfilled? Rather than thinking about a long list of things you want to accomplish, imagine waking up in the morning five years from now. What does your home look like? Who is there with you? Are you drinking coffee or orange juice? Life is made up of these tiny moments, so it’s wise to attend to them rather than fixating on major but fleeting instances of success or recognition. The journey can’t continue unless you recognize and fall into alignment with the path you’ve chosen, unless you are conscious of why you are on this path in the first place, why you are determined to put one foot in front of the other.


Three of Wands

Planning for the future can be an exercise in a kind of speculative nostalgia: where will you go that will lead you closer to the self you were before all of the difficult work of growing up happened? A lot of moving away is returning home to yourself. Then again, even the best plans can be thwarted by our inability to let go of who we once were in favour of a more whole, healthier self. This card is about being stuck between where we were and where we’re going, it’s a moment of decision: reflection as well as projection. In order to take the next steps, or to even begin to plan for what those might be, you have to look inward at the landscape you’ve cultivated so far. When you know the land you’re standing on now, you’ll have a better time navigating the terrain to come. 


Knight of Pentacles

You carry your heart with you wherever you go, which you knew, because without it you’d be dead. But I mean the heart that holds your feelings, the one you sometimes wish you could take out of your chest and put on the bedside table while you get some sleep. Hearts have a pattern, they know where the comfort is, and they will try to take you there unless you can get very quiet and tell your heart we’re doing things different this time. You and your heart are partners on a journey, your heart is your familiar. If you want your heart to be on your side, you have to be on your heart’s side, too. This is a good time to have a conversation with your heart about what it needs, what it wants, and the healthiest way to go about providing for it.