We’re Sorry.

SAD Mag aspires to the values of inclusivity and diversity. We are dedicated to proactively seeking out and publishing underrepresented voices, including queer folks, people of colour, Indigenous peoples, and contributors of all ages. We welcome contributions from emerging writers and artists, regardless of formal training or previous experience.

Recently we were made aware that one of our contributors to the Green issue has been identified online as a “TERF” or (trans-exclusionary radical feminist). We were not aware of their views when we accepted their pitch, and we regret the oversight. We strive to be allies to transfolk, and we recognize that the inclusion of this contributor was troubling to many of our writers and staff.

Although it may seem that we are a big magazine with many resources, in reality, we are volunteer-run by a handful of people after work, before work and on weekends. Unfortunately, this means that things fall through the cracks and we make mistakes. We apologize for not being thorough in our background fact-checking on this writer.

Going forward we have committed to making changes to our editorial process in recognition of our error. We are updating our contributor agreement to include a clear statement of our organizational values, and we will review new contributors more carefully before accepting pitches.

We will always strive to publish the work of people who share our values of diversity and inclusion. We will continue to work on ways to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


The SAD Mag Staff and Board of Directors


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